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The Role of Osteopathy in Pain Management

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Pain is a widespread condition in the United States. According to research, more than 20% of Americans experience chronic pain, enduring its disruptive impact on their daily lives.

Suffering from foot & ankle-related pain, neck pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypermobility, back pain, or just don't feel right?

The Osteohealer™ can address the issue from its root, helping you find relief and restoring your quality of life. Read on to find out the profound role osteopathy plays in pain management.

Spinal Alignment Demonstration

What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy takes a different approach from the conventional medicine most people know. Rather than focusing on symptoms, osteopathy is "whole-person," taking your entire body into consideration and not just the pain site.

This approach helps detect the root cause, enabling you to find lasting relief from pain. Osteopathy is practiced by highly skilled and licensed professionals called Osteopathic Doctors, who undergo the same rigorous training as MDs. With additional training on the musculoskeletal system, osteopaths can relieve pain and treat other conditions other than using drugs and surgery.

The Role of Osteopathy in Pain Management

Holistic Pain Management

Have you taken painkillers only for the pain to resume in full force after the medication wore off? That's the opposite of how osteopathy works. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on the symptom, osteopathy recognizes that pain results from imbalances in the system. Thus, the Osteohealer™ will seek to find and address the root cause of the pain.

Personalized Treatment

Pains and their root cause vary from individual to individual. For example, the cause of patient A's lower back pain is more likely different from patient B's.

Rather than prescribing the same pain medication for both patients, osteopaths look at their body systems and recommend physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, and healthier diets that suit their unique needs.

Hand-On Techniques

Osteopathy features methods such as osteopathic manipulation, which involves the skilled manipulation of the musculoskeletal system using the hands.

The Osteohealer™ will use techniques such as massage, counterstrain, and high/low-velocity thrust to move the muscles and joints to find abnormalities, restore joint mobility, promote blood flow, and alleviate muscle tension.

These methods not only eliminate pain but also help you return to optimal body function.

Treatment of the Underlying Issue

More often than not, pain is a symptom of an underlying issue and should be treated as such. For example, the Osteohealer™ addresses pain from overuse injuries in athletes differently from pain in those who work all day sitting in front of computers.

Whether you're an athlete looking to beat pain and enhance performance or a nine-to-fiver fed up with pain drugs, the Osteohealer™ can identify underlying factors and help you achieve lasting relief.

Don't Get Hooked on Painkillers for Life. Book an Appointment Today to Feel the Healing

If you are suffering from any pain, from acute and subacute to chronic, relief is here. Osteopathy can help you regain control of your life, so you can enjoy every single moment. Whether you are an athlete, artiste, businessman, or work from 9-5, book an appointment with the Osteohealer™ today to feel the healing.



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