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Patients Who Have Found Relief Through OMM, an Alternative to Cortisone Shots
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About 360ºOsteo

If you’re suffering but find it hard to describe your pain or just feel like something is “off”, then 360° Osteo might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s grounded in a hands-on treatment program that is based on careful consultation, a customized treatment plan, and a focus on relieving your pain and discomfort.

When appropriate, 360° Osteo uses a range of proven healing techniques such as acupuncture, EMF, and even health counseling as part of this all-round process.

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What is an Osteohealer?

We call Dr. George Cheriyan DO an Osteohealer™ because he is a doctor who helps your body heal itself by using highly specialized gentle techniques to relieve pain and other disorders that might be causing you distress.

Technically, Dr. Cheriyan DO practices "Osteopathic manipulation" which, among other things, targets pain with alignment of bone structure and muscle relaxation, reducing impingement of neurovascular structures.

His deep medical research and experience supports a very precise and nuanced "hands-on" approach for all patients. In addition to his medical training, he also has decades of training in martial arts which further refines his superior control when applying his healing hands.

It's why you really feel the healing.

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The doctor's approach is holistic and dynamic, which means that he focuses on the interconnectedness of the whole body in order to make sure the entire system is considered carefully before he begins to work on a specific concern or complaint.

This is because one of the core foundations of Dr. Cheriyan DO's treatments is the fact that the body is one dynamic unit of function, which means it has the capability to help heal itself when treated appropriately.

Holistic and Dynamic

Happy Patient No Longer Suffering From Stabbing Foot Pain

Conditions Treated with 360ºOsteo

Dr. Cheriyan DO has helped many Hypermobility patients with their neuromusculoskeletal complaints (including Ehlers-Danlos). As NYC's best OMM doctor, he has helped athletes from all backgrounds including martial artists, dancers, gymnastics, weight-lifters, and football players.

His 360ºOsteo approach is used to treat work-related injuries among musicians, artists, businessmen, doctors, and those who work with computers.

360ºOsteo can help treat framework dysfunctions related to pregnancy and rheumatic conditions as well.

Some of Dr. Cheriyan DO's patients have even avoided radical surgeries, finding relief for conditions such as neck pain, back pain, neuropathies, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, ankle pain, knee pain, and other syndromes.

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