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Healthy Patients Who Are Happy to Have Avoided The Side Effects of Gel Knee Injections by Choosing Osteopathic Manipulation
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Osteopathy began in America, an amazing home-grown medical phenomenon. It's based on sound medical principles about the way the body works and how it can be supported to heal itself when sick.

Technically, Osteopathy is defined as "a system of medical practice that emphasizes a holistic and comprehensive approach to patient care and utilizes the manipulation of musculoskeletal tissues along with other therapeutic measures to prevent or treat disease".

That's a lot to think about. Here's how to understand it more simply.

Are Osteopaths Medical Doctors?

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Osteopaths are medical doctors who go through the same rigorous training as all the doctors practicing medicine today. Then, they do extra study to understand how to relieve pain and cure conditions by using more than just drugs. Remarkably, they learn how to gently manipulate the structure of the body itself to speed healing.

This means that Osteopaths have an extra skill. They are trained in "hands-on" manipulation of your body, specifically those tissues, bones, and structures that both contribute to and can help you cure your own pain and many diseases.

Dr. Cheriyan DO is an Osteopath.

We call him an Osteohealer™.

As one of the top osteopaths in NYC, Osteohealer Dr. George Cheriyan DO helps your body heal itself by applying his highly specialized gentle techniques to relieve pain and other disorders that might be causing you distress. His goal is to help you feel better without drugs or surgery.

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What are the Principles of Osteopathy?


Capable Body. The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance.


The Body is One Dynamic Unit. The structure (of the body) and function (of the body) are reciprocally interrelated. 


Treatment is Based on Interrelationships. "Rational" (ideal) treatment is based upon an understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function.

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How Does Osteopathy Work?

When the "structure" of the body (bones, joints, tendons, etc.) gets out of balance, the "function" of the body can get out of balance, which can result in pain, disease states, and even mental imbalance.

Osteopathy is a powerful tool to help your body get back in balance. A gifted Osteohealer™ such as Dr. Cheriyan DO can use their training to help you achieve this balance, which can relieve pain, reverse disease states, improve performance, and even reduce the likelihood of getting sick.

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Can Osteopathy Help You With Your Problem?

Osteopathy has been experientially shown to help with a lot of problems including athletic injuries, connective tissue issues, hypermobility (including Ehler's-Danlos Syndrome), back pain, joint pain, work-related injuries, migraines, neck pain, and many other issues.

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