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Can't Stand the Side Effects of Gel Knee Injections? Try Osteo Manipulation Medicine

Updated: Mar 5

Does pain, difficulty with moving, swelling, and stiffness sound familiar? These may be the exact symptoms affecting your quality of life, but they are also some of the side effects of gel knee injections. 

If you've been told to get gel knee injections, the ugly truth is that you may end up with side effects that mirror the symptoms they are supposed to treat. For example, your knee pain could be worse after gel injections. 

Can't stand the side effects of gel knee injections and are looking for an alternative? It's time to connect with the Osteohealer™ to give osteo manipulation medicine a go. 

Woman Suffering from the Side Effects of Knee Gel Injections

Gel Knee Injections and Their Side Effects

To relieve knee pain, doctors may recommend the injection of a gel-like fluid called hyaluronic acid directly into the knee joints. 

Although hyaluronic acid occurs naturally and acts as a lubricant and shock absorbent to enable the movement of bones over each other, people with osteoarthritis and some other knee conditions often have depleted levels. The idea behind gel knee injections is to replace the lost hyaluronic to improve the joint's gliding function and reduce pain

While these injections provide temporary relief to some people, they often leave troubling side effects in their wake, such as: 

  • Pain 

  • Swelling 

  • Stiffness

  • Redness 

  • Allergic reaction

  • Infection 

Osteo Manipulation Medicine: Providing Relief Without the Side Effects of Gel Knee Injections

Osteo manipulation medicine is a natural method that involves hands-on techniques to move and apply force to the joints and muscles. OMM doctors, like the Osteohealer™, can use osteo manipulation medicine to prevent, diagnose, and treat various conditions, including knee pain. 

If osteoarthritis or another condition is causing you knee pains, you don't have to undergo surgery or endure the unwanted side effects of gel knee injections. Osteo manipulation medicine can help reduce pain and stiffness, enabling you to get back to doing what you love the most. 


One of the common side effects of gel knee injections is pain at the injection site. Osteo manipulation medicine is non-invasive; it is a manual therapy that doesn't involve injections, needles, or surgery, eliminating the side effects that come with gel knee injections. 

Holistic Care

Rather than focusing on and injecting the knee, osteo manipulation medicine involves looking at the entire body. The Osteohealer™ will address issues from other body parts that may be adding stress to the knee joint and contributing to the pain. 

Personalized Treatment Plan

Knee pain can result from aging, injury, osteoarthritis, or other conditions. That's why the Osteohealer™ will draw up a personalized treatment plan outlining the diagnosis, cause, expected recovery time, and interventions that will help you reach your desired goals. 

Improved Range of Motion

The Osteohealer™ will employ various techniques to enhance blood and lymph flow to the knees. This helps to increase the range of motion, improve flexibility, and enhance knee joint health, thereby reducing pain and inflammation. 

Find Relief From Pain Without the Side Effects of Gel Knee Injections

You don't have to endure the side effects of gel knee injections to get relief from pain and enjoy a better quality of life. 

Osteo manipulation medicine's hands-on and holistic approach offers natural and safe management of your condition without opening the doors to another set of issues.  Schedule an appointment today to give osteo manipulation medicine a try.



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