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Osteohealing in Aging: Promoting Wellness in Later Life

Updated: Nov 3

Aging is inevitable. But while our bodies undergo natural changes that can impact our daily lives, mobility, and overall well-being, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence to persistent pain, stiffness, and diminished quality of life.

The Osteohealer™, Dr. George Cheriyan DO, can work with you as you age, empowering you to stay active, maintain independence, and enhance overall health.

Active Seniors Enjoying Life Thanks to Osteopathic Treatments

Osteohealing and How It Can Promote Wellness in Later Life

The benefits of osteohealing extend beyond addressing mental and emotional health or helping athletes enhance performance; its holistic approach is equally advantageous for older people.

As we get older, the body becomes prone to osteoporosis, arthritis, reduced mobility, migraines, chronic pain, loss of balance, and other issues.

Osteopathy incorporates osteopathic manipulation and other techniques that can trigger the body’s natural healing ability; relieving pain, fighting ailments, and enhancing general body wellness for successful aging.

Pain Management

With pain more common among the older population, it has somewhat become expected for older people to live with back pain, joint pain, and others. However, no one should have to deal with pain or live on painkillers. The Osteohealer™ can use osteopathic techniques to address the root cause of pain.

Enhanced Mobility

It’s natural for the joints to lose some lubrication with age. The body becomes less flexible and stiffer, reducing mobility and affecting daily activities, such as cooking and cleaning.

The Osteohealer™ can increase the joint’s range of motion and stretch tight muscles. You feel looser and regain flexibility, enabling you to move more confidently and stay active in your golden years.

Improved Sleep

Pain and stress can hamper the ability to get quality sleep, especially in the older population. This can, in turn, result in other health issues. In addition to reducing pain and relieving tension, Osteohealing’s restorative and calming effect makes sleeping and staying asleep much easier. With better sleep, the body and mind recuperate, allowing you to age well.

Connect With the Osteohealer™ Today to Feel the Healing

With osteohealing, you don’t have to dread getting older. Whether you are approaching or already in your senior years, the Osteohealer™ can work with you to fight the effects of aging, helping you stay active and independent and enhancing your quality of life. Book an appointment today.

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