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Foot & Ankle-Related Pain

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Whether it's a sharp pain from foot, pain on ankles, throbbing foot pain, shooting pain in the ankle, or stabbing foot pain on the side, foot and ankle-related pain can be very limiting. It restrains you from certain activities and significantly impacts your quality of life.

Maybe you've even resigned yourself to their presence, like a permanent feature to be managed with everyday doses of painkillers.

But shooting pain in the ankle, sharp pain from foot, pain on ankles, throbbing foot pain, or other foot and ankle-related pain shouldn't be a part of you. An osteo healer can put an end to them using osteopathic manipulation, helping you gain back your life.

Patient Struggling with Chronic Foot Pain

Why Do I Have Foot and Ankle-Related Pain?

Foot and ankle-related pain is not an 'old people's ailment. It can occur at any age and can especially affect you if you are a sportsperson, runner, walker, or spend a significant amount of your day standing.

Causes or triggers of foot and ankle-related pain like stabbing pain on the side, shooting pain in the ankle, throbbing foot pain, pain on ankles, and sharp pain from foot include:

  • Unsupportive or constricting footwear

  • High-impact such as falls and accidents

  • Work and other activities that require you to be on your feet for long

  • Basketball, football, netball, and other sporting activities that involve twisting, turning, and sudden, fast changes in directions

  • Frequently running, walking, and standing on hard and uneven surfaces.

Common conditions associated with foot and ankle pain include:

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Morton's Neuroma

  • Osteoarthritis - wear and tear of particular joints

  • Sprained ankle

  • Achilles tendonitis/tendinopathy

  • Metatarsalgia- pain in the forefoot

  • Dislocated ankle

  • Recurrent acute inflammatory arthritis

Can an Osteo Healer Help With My Foot and Ankle-Related Pain?

Yes. An osteo healer can help with your foot and ankle-related pain. Here at New York Osteopathic Medicine, in the safe and experienced hands of Dr. George Cheriyan, we'll first determine the cause of your foot and ankle-related pain.

Our osteo healer will ask you questions about the onset of the pain and previous history. We'll then examine your ankle, knee, hip, posture, and spine in relation to the rest of your body to find every structure contributing to your pain.

What follows is the formulation of a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to you. Treatment may include soft and deep tissue work, muscle contraction and relaxation techniques, joint manipulation, and other techniques to ease your ankle and foot pain, restore mobility, and relieve pain.

We may also prescribe exercises, stretches, and lifestyle changes to enhance strength, improve stability, and loosen your foot and ankle. Orthotics or other supportive aids can be recommended if necessary.

Feel the Healing. Become Pain-Free.

Experiencing pain on ankles, throbbing foot pain, sharp pain from foot, stabbing foot pain on the side, shooting pain in the ankle, or other foot and ankle-related pain? You don't have to live with pain, fresh or recurrent. Take the step to end the suffering for good by booking an appointment now.



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