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NYC Osteopathy: What to Know, Benefits, and How to Find an Osteopath

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

If you reside in NYC and have body pains, such as foot and ankle-related pains, an NYC osteopathy specialist is just what you need.

Body pains can be very troubling and depressing, especially if you’ve used several drugs to little or no avail in your bid to treat them. Doctors of osteopathic medicine, like me, are licensed to prescribe medications, perform surgery, diagnose illness, and treat injuries using manipulative techniques, completely healing you of pain.

New York City Osteopath Dr. George Cheriyan

What Are Osteopaths in NYC?

An osteopath or an osteopathic physician is a licensed physician and an expert at detecting, treating, and preventing health challenges by moving, massaging, and stretching your muscles and joints. This practice is known as osteopathy.

To practice osteopathy in NYC, one must have a license. As such, osteopaths in NYC meet strict licensing requirements and are certified by the New York State Medical License Board to practice anywhere in New York, including NYC.

How to Know When You Need an Osteopath in NYC

Most people who see an osteopath most likely do so to get help relating to pain in the muscles, bones, and joints. So if you are experiencing pain in any part of your body, an osteopath may be able to help diagnose the cause of the pain and recommend treatment options.

Also, If you have limited mobility or range of motion in a joint, you should visit an osteopath in NYC to help improve your flexibility and function.

As an Osteo Healer, I can also help identify and address any underlying issues If you have poor posture or experience frequent tension headaches or back pain. See the full list of conditions I can diagnose and treat.

Benefits of Osteopathy

Do you reside in New York City, experiencing pain and needing help? Here are some reasons you need to opt for an NYC osteopathy doctor.

Pain Reduction Without the Side Effects of Medications

Osteopaths try to avoid using medications when alternative therapy techniques have proven to be effective in letting the body heal and relieving pain from the source of this pain. Osteopaths in NYC are highly recommended for anything pain-related due to their expertise in the field. When visiting Osteopaths in NYC, be rest assured that you are in great hands.

They Focus on the Whole Body

NYC osteopathy professionals can look for signs of distress throughout the body. This is an essential step because this process can lead to early detection of impending danger and illness and can easily be treated. Osteopaths use a variety of techniques, including manipulation, stretching, gentle pressure or stretching, and massage to improve the mobility of joints and relieve muscle tension.

Finding an NYC Osteopathy Doctor

Looking for an NYC Osteopathy doctor? There are a number of options available to you. You can start by searching for DOs online or asking your primary care doctor or another healthcare provider for recommendations. Another alternative is to contact local hospitals or clinics to see if they have any DOs on staff. But you need not go through all these hassles.

As one of the leading Osteopaths in NYC, I can help you find relief from pain and other disorders, and activate your body's natural healing processes using techniques honed over the years. When you schedule a consultation, I’ll discuss with you to assess your needs and create a treatment plan customized for you. It’s why many call me an “Osteo Healer.” Feel the healing today!



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