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Osteopaths in Garden City, NY

Updated: Mar 5

If you’re looking for an Osteopath in Garden City, NY, to give you individualized care for a body free from pain, search no more! Dr. George Cheriyan of the New York Osteopathic Medicine can give you the healing your body needs to be free again.

Garden City Osteopath Working On a Patient

What We Do and How We Do It

We specialize in helping patients find healing from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, jaw sprain, hip pain, neuropathies, and a host of other conditions.

As one of the leading clinics with top-rated osteopaths in Garden City, NY, we use the latest equipment and procedures, enabling us to diagnose and treat conditions.

As a result, many patients we’ve treated have been able to avoid radical surgeries. And many have also found complete relief after surgical procedures.

Dr. George is board-certified and specially trained to help you avoid the use of drugs and invasive procedures to get relief from various conditions. Instead, he’ll tap your body’s natural ability to help you heal, whether you’re an infant, child, or adult.

Healing Techniques That Work for You

Conditions vary significantly from person to person, with no two persons requiring the same osteopathic techniques.

As an osteopath in Garden City, NY, with extensive experience treating patients with different conditions, Dr. George Cheriyan will review your medical history, diet, lifestyle, exercise routine, and many more to find the most suitable techniques for your condition.

The combination of techniques will not only help you find relief from pain, but also reduce tension and improve joint mobility and blood flow within the body. Dr. George Cheriyan will also recommend appropriate lifestyle, diet, and exercise changes to help speed up recovery.

Get On the Path to Healing

You no longer have to search fruitlessly for the right Osteopaths in Garden City, NY. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. George Cheriyan, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of by a highly-skilled physician and a compassionate human.

You’ll end the session relieved knowing that you’re about to snatch your life back from pain. Schedule a consultation today.



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