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How You Can Benefit From Osteopathy

Updated: Mar 5

Osteopathy is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that focuses on boosting all-round health and body systems by impacting the body’s lymphatic, circulatory, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems.

The treatment focuses on the spine, muscles, and joints, and is used as a complementary therapy in conjunction with conventional treatment methods to boost health.

Although it’s a complementary therapy, it's a certified medical profession. Training to be an osteopathy professional is more specialized than other forms of complementary therapy, e.g., naturopathy.

Female Athlete Enjoying Life Again Thanks to the Benefits of Osteopathy

The Healing Philosophy of Osteopathy

Osteopathy works on the healing philosophy that the human body can self-reparation and enforce immunity as protection against most injuries and illnesses without medicine, invasive intervention, or surgery.

In osteopathy, the focus is on specific tissues and regions. The source of the pain or ailment is narrowed down to one area, and the therapy is applied here, seeking to boost the muscles and bones to treat the discomfort.

As a complementary therapy, it’s useful in managing hormonal pregnancy swings and chronic pain. It’s also very safe, with its practice guaranteed to not result in health complications or unhealthy addictions.

How is Osteopathy Performed?

In practice, osteopathy involves the deep, physical exploration of body surface tissues using the hands via palpating. Your joints, shoulder, and back are prodded and felt with the hands, a process known as “listening.” This is to discover the unique properties, e.g., signs of stiffness, scarring, weakness, congestion, density, dehydration, and motility.

The latter is the minute motions inherent in living tissue that tell the osteopathy professional about their underlying state or condition. As a result, osteopathy is a highly specified medical practice and often takes years to master.

It’s important to note that surgery and medical drug prescriptions are not methods of osteopathy treatment.

Benefits of Osteopathy

Osteopathy has several benefits, some of which are discussed below:

Managing Chronic Pain

As a therapy that restores normalcy to the body’s systems, it can be used to manage discomfort and pain stemming from conditions like bowel syndrome, arthritis, and asthma.

Although the primary focus is on the muscles and skeletons, it helps manage pain with deeper-lying tissues and organs.

Managing Hormonal Pregnancy Swings

Pregnant women know all too well the discomforts that hormonal changes bring. With osteopathic therapy, it's easy to manage the discomfort from systemic stress and muscle tension.

Over consistent use, it will restore overall body system balance.

Injury Prevention

Osteopathy increases flexibility. With the increased motion range, the chances of muscle tear and ligament damage are significantly reduced.

In addition, it boosts muscle resilience, making them more impervious to damage from extreme stress. If you’re a sportsperson or you do repetitive physical work, you can greatly benefit from this.

Boosts Blood Flow

The therapy boosts blood circulation in the body, allowing more efficient distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. You get reduced inflammation, blood pressure, tension, and increased healing capability in return.

Whether you have back pain or are suffering intense pain from a disease, The New York Osteopathic Medicine can get you back your life. End the pain now.



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