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5 Reasons Why Osteopathic Manipulation is Great for You

Chronic joint pains and injuries are painful enough, and that’s without considering all the rigorous physical therapy and discomfort involved.

In addition, people may develop symptoms and pain resulting from poor posture, overused muscle, and poor workout forms.

Whether it’s degenerate tissue from recurring injuries to muscle and soft tissue or the mobility issues of the old and aged, Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) is an efficient treatment, preventive and diagnostic solution for several chronic conditions, including insomnia migraines, sinus disorders, and asthma.

OMT takes a holistic approach to body healing and has many health benefits, many of which will surprise you.

Helps blood flow

Osteopathy includes several physical techniques, forms, and exercises that help to massage the joints, easing stiff tissue and boosting blood flow in and around these areas.

Articulation and stretching are two other techniques that work to reduce pain and increase mobility range as a result of the improved blood flow. Stretching combined with a full-range articulation will help to loosen tense joints.

High-velocity thrusts can sometimes be required to help snap slacking tissue into place. The act is often recognized for the unmistakable clicking sounds of cracking joints.

Together, these exercises help reduce pain and encourage movement range and blood flow.


Patients don’t have the option to go for every curative procedure out there, as safety is a significant concern. Options are therefore limited, and it can be challenging to know which measure to adopt.

For example, it’s not safe for women to consume just about any painkiller from the third trimester, leaving a need to find alternative therapies.

Osteopathic manipulation is safe to administer, and owes its efficiency to its assortment of natural therapeutic techniques.

If your condition limits the number of alternatives for pain relief and other physical ailments, OMT can work where nothing or few else will.

Surgery alternative

Osteopathic manipulative treatment can stand in place of surgeries or complement surgical procedures.

Pharmaceuticals aren’t exempt, and OMT’s holistic approach to whole-body health restoration means that you can do therapies to rejuvenate your physical processes without using prolonged medication.

Efficient musculoskeletal treatments

The standards are high in osteopathic manipulation, and trained specialists administer the physical treatments required to restore physical conditions in muscles, joints, bones, and key points across the vertebrae.

Helps reduce menstrual pains

Yes, you’re probably surprised, but it’s true. Osteopathic manipulation can help to treat difficult PMS symptoms in women and reduce overall pain.

It alleviates much of the pain stemming from the lumbar regions of the back, down to the pelvis and femur, with applied techniques also serving to loosen tense muscles.

Schedule a consultation and expect professional diagnosis, treatments, and manipulations. Book an appointment today.

This requires expert knowledge of how the nervous system works in tandem with the muscles and skeletal frame, eliciting reactions and triggering locomotion.

And OMT excels at treatments of conditions including chronic neck, lower back, shoulder, and knee pains, pelvic girdle pain, and arthritis.



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